IB GROUP —  Growth through management

Making concepts a reality – this is how our group of companies has been completing projects in the area of commercial real estate since 2001. For this purpose, we have all the expertise needed for all the related fields, be it consulting, brokerage, technical inspection, managing real estate, operating facilities, performing an assessment or a legal audit of a project. Out of such expertise a unique vertically integrated holding company has come to be shaped, ready to take on the most complex projects in the field of construction and commercialization of real estate facilities.

Thanks to our own departments that operate and manage rent relations, and to the experience we have in developing projects and promoting them on the market, tested many times by application in practice, we have developed an extensive bank of statistical data on operations management which allows highly accurate forecasting in regard to the future outcome of investments.

The professionalism of the employees of our holding company is accompanied by other qualities such as communicability and creative thinking, directed towards the primary goal of making clients’ projects as successful as possible.

Property Management in IB GROUP is managing real estate on behalf of and in the interest of the owner. The external network-based management, we chose to be the principal area of positioning in the market, has allowed us to hone our negotiation style over the years and develop a higher level of long-term efficient relationship with partners, both tenants and property owners.

A creative approach has always been a distinguishing feature of the concepts developed by our Group of companies, giving them additional value, saving funds directed for promotion and increasing the owner`s capital. We pay particular attention to the aesthetics of the buildings we plan, to the architectural features of projects, to the harmonious blending of new facilities into the existing city environment and to how comfortable people will feel inside buildings. The company puts a lot of time and effort into modern landscaping design, the appropriate inclusion of cultural, informational and educational functions into the composition of projects and the development of new facilities for children.

Experience gained throughout years of work in Russian cities from Kaliningrad to Irkutsk convinces us that the developers and managing directors of the company can expect yet more projects aimed at land development, the regeneration of whole micro districts and conceptual solutions in the area of commercial real estate renovation.